Eileen Gillespie
Artist’s Statement 

I have long been fascinated with how light plays with structures that are constantly present around us.  I first became transfixed by structure in urban areas and thus focused my artistic efforts on capturing light play on architectural forms: man-made trusses, bridges, arches, spires, and rooftops; they all form patterns that blend, move, and bounce light in different ways.

The same interplay between form and light, structure and surroundings I found in architecture and now, more than two decades later, in the landscape and the natural world that surrounds my studio.

My paintings describe the natural world and structural environment around me in a visceral language. It is through both direct observation and memory that I gather the subjects for my work. I aim to capture a moment in time from a place and, through abstraction, render it to the canvas. Discovery, experimentation and leaps of faith all play a part in the process.